White Windowless Vans

by One Armed Joey

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This EP is all about growing up, and the time of change between high school and college. All the fear and pressure can build up, and this EP is something everybody who is going through that time or went through this time can relate to.

One Armed Joey is...

Avery Okamura: Guitar/Vox
Kevin Worden: Bass/Vox
James Allen: Drums/Vox


released May 29, 2015

Special thanks to: Scott Goodrich, Nu-Tone Studios, Chris Dugan, Steven Hernandez, NOFX, Point Of View, Communist Kayte, Local Resident Failure, Dillinger Four, Propagandhi, PUP, Final Last Words, David Ramos, Andrew Cochrane, Alec Fuhrman, Chandler Kirkman, all other bands who have inspired us or supported us in one way or another, Tom Gaffey, all family and friends, Haydog Gifford, DW Drums, Gibson, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Ampeg, Taco Bell, Panda Express, Guayaki Yerba Mate, and all venues who have let us tear up.



all rights reserved


One Armed Joey Petaluma, California

One Armed Joey is a punk rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area.


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Track Name: White Windowless Vans


Sometimes I wait for fate to catch up with me
Other times I doubt it exists at all
Autumn is calling my name, but he is still a stranger
Should I accept his candy and help find his dog?

I will not say that I'm frightened of the future, it's just that menacing beard that's staring down at me
The kids who play on their technology all day long is the reason why I'm scared for their sanity

I don't know what to worry about anymore
Where'd the time go?
Right out the fucking door, 'cause it's sick of this shit

The past is catching up with me, and it makes me not want to leave
Calculate the chances that I may have blown by going home
Time to move on and get in the white windowless van
Hope I catch a lift and not get raped instead
Track Name: Ten Feet Deep

These may be my last words as the person that you thought you knew
What am I doing here?
I let my mind wander around here just for a few minutes until I can open my eyes

No more worries, for I'm already screwed

The tally marks engraved in my head are starting to dig in
I'm running out of space
I don't know what I'm doing or where to begin
I'm sinking ten feet deep
I wish I could swim with the current

These years went by too fast for me
Just give me a moment to catch my breath and think of all the minutes that I don't have left
I'm fading in and out of this consciousness
Do I have a choice on what I'm doing with my life next?
I'm starting to think I'm a puppet on strings
Let society decide how they're gonna control me
Track Name: Thought Crimes

Don't overthink the question, you may end up expanding your knowledge
A thirst for power in a drought of control may spark the revolution nobody saw coming
I saw the end approaching when the innocence of man started showing
Don't put your guns up yet, for the concept we've created we'll soon forget when...

They raid our heads with lobotomy and there's nothing we can do
We better give in
Throw the books into the fires, 'cause flames are less dangerous than our opinions

Last night I thought I had a vision of people thinking for themselves with no persecution
Paranoia has struck me sick and I won't take the drugs that are in my prescription
So I cried, and I cried, and I cried some more after thinking to myself
"What am I living for?"
I stuck my head in the bathroom sink after screaming to the world
"This means war!"

I saw the people writing in books when the officers broke the windows in
I never saw their faces again, and when I asked where they went, they took me in
Track Name: Timelines

Are you a stranger, just a memory, or can I call you on the weekends and ask how your life is going?
"Cause mine is going, I'm still living
Thanks for asking about the weather in my head, and whether the forecast shows sun or rain instead.

Tell me more about the new life; what's it like there?
Do you ever miss back home and think about the ones you left all alone?
I don't know about you, but its hard to move on from a life so simple, yet some regrets.
I'm hoping this is as hard as it will get.

I don't wanna lie, it's different here without you.
I find it difficult admitting to it, but its true.
I sometimes think about the good times back when ignorance was bliss, but I know that dwelling on the past is unhealthy at best.
So I go to bed at night and hope that memories of the times we spent weren't lost.

It's been some months since we last spoke.
I'm not expecting a hello or a goodbye, just thought I'd give communication a last try.
'Cause I feel better, I've met new people and classes are going well.
How much longer can I take It?
I guess only time can tell.
But I wish that I could see the day that we meet again and I have something left to say.
But I'd probably bite my tongue and turn the other way.
Track Name: Seat Belts

It's never too late to try and change your fate for the better
But maybe it's better to expect the worst
I was always too late, made one too many mistakes now I'm lost here
But if I know I'm here then I can't be lost

Now I know what to worry about this time
Try not to over analyze everything because the consequence is worse than the crime

I can't change it; the feeling of loneliness but it's okay because I know that it will be gone someday
I hope I wake up in a year or two and I'm ready for whatever I was asked by my peers to do