The Best We Know How

by One Armed Joey

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Holy shit, you're here checking out our music... That's super cool. Thank YOU.

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, CA
Engineered/Produced By Scott Goodrich
All songs written by One Armed Joey
Cover artwork/concept by Lucas DeJong and One Armed Joey
Band/Concert Photography by David Ramos

One Armed Joey is...

Avery Okamura: Vox/Guitar
Kevin Worden: Bass/Vox
James Allen: Drums/Vox

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released May 12, 2017

Special thanks to all family and friends, Scott Goodrich/Nu-Tone Studios, Haydog Gifford, Alec Fuhrman, Preston Bailey, Tom Gaffey, Eric Cabalo, Jim Agius, Dr. John Palmer, Lauren Mills/For the Love of Punk, SFFD, Beverly 19, Tim and Steph Reeder, The Joeys, Steve Sladkowski/PUP, NOFX, Point Of View, Dillinger Four, Propagandhi, Stickup Kid, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Menzingers, Final Last Words, Local Resident Failure, The Dopamines, The Flatliners, Ben Murray, The Magic Flute Ltd., Gibson Guitar Co, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, Mesa/Boogie Ltd., Gallien-Krueger Bass Amplifiers, DW Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Zildjian Cymbals, Pro Mark/D'Addario, Jim Dunlop, Ernie Ball, Taco Bell, Sam's Mediterranean Cafe & Deli, Guayaki Yerba Mate, La Croix, there are probably more...


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One Armed Joey Petaluma, California

One Armed Joey is a punk rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area.


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Track Name: The Best We Know How
The weekends try to, but don't make things better
When I put on my mask I seem so much stronger

Do I make mistakes?
Do I ever fix them?
I dwell on the past to escape from the end that is near,
because breathing's inhaling the fumes from the social machine that keeps burning the hate we create.

I wish I was able to try hard, but its too hard to satisfy myself and the people around me when we're doing the best we know how.

The weeks feel longer the longer I keep myself here
But I cannot leave due to fear of critique of my failures by family and peers

Why do I mistake my progress for nothing?
I guess its just me or the feeling that something is slowly pulling me away...

But its no different, it's all the same; being content and constant worrying.
So I'll learn to live with the changing tides now, and we'll keep on going the best we know how.
Track Name: Groundhog Day
My alarm just keeps ringing louder
It reads 6 AM, time to get up again
Or should I sleep just another half hour?
Fuck this, I need more sleep
Keep counting sheep until my head is numb, brain is dead
Only melodies in my head
Hum a tune? No, go to bed
Sing a song from end to end
Feet are cold, arms are sore; always something to abhor
What's the time?
Don't open eyes
I don't know what I'm fighting for

Eyelids are heavy while I drive
Speed up to 65

The coffee makes me shake, I seem to forget that
Fill up my empty cup
Feel like I might throw up
My throat is dry and it keeps getting drier
Try to eat healthy, but I never satisfy my hunger- never seems to stop, only when I fill myself with carbs
Working out is hard, but not as hard as saving up my cash

Living remedial
An endless nightmare I may never wake up from
Track Name: Walls
Still looking down
The black holes in their eyes gazing wide in his direction
No answers to their questions
For the life of me, I can't seem to lift my chin...
When was the first time?
The worst times of my life

Seconds gone, like eons flying by
Keep him busy, but don't look him in the eye
This man is no stranger to me, yet I continue to stare at the floor, or the walls, if there's anything hanging...
I feel my stomach chafing against my ribs from breathing air so thin, it licks my skin like ammunition

And there he sees another reason to make no sense of it
He questions the existence of himself
when asked about his aspirations
But now he's suddenly told the opposite

Maybe his absence is due to fear,
but he couldn't imagine leaving here

"Don't feel sorry"
"I'm not sorry"
"Are you content with being worried?"
Track Name: Vagrant
The coastline hills are draped with fog, a familiar friend who never seems to leave, despite the fame of the California heat
This fucking city is a curse built on envy, lust, gluttony, and greed
Watch the bridge collapse as it plummets towards the sea

I can feel the air sucking at my soul
But I wouldn't dare try slowly letting go
And now every time I leave,
it feels like leaving someone that you love behind

I can hear you, and you know I'm doing fine
Sure, I miss you, but get the fuck out of my mind
We know that all good things must end,
or at least that's what I've been told
Now that I'm getting old, I'll try to figure out why people drift,
but can't seem to let go

I was telling the truth when I said I couldn't live here
Thoughts of vagrant faces never disappear
Looking up at monumental cages basking in a million grins
remind me why I know I'll never win
Track Name: Occupied By Leaves
I drive by almost every single day, though there are other routes to take
I've never seen a house so grey
My parking spot's now there to take- occupied by leaves, but missing the rake
Showing signs of time and some mistakes I may have made

It's hard avoiding faces and the names that match them, but you know me, I'm still playing hide and seek
I wonder if it would feel the same to see your room and your family?
Just tell them all that I'm okay

I know that it's not easy, but fuck, it feels so wrong
And if it was so easy, would it have taken you so long?
I still think about it every day

And I fucking hate myself for not being able to let it go
The city's changed you, I can tell
Or at least that's the way it feels

I still think about it every fucking day
And when I'm feeling down I wonder if you're okay, but it just makes it worse
I guess I'll always be this way
Track Name: You and Your Friends Are Dead (Game Over)
It's cold and damp inside the caverns of my mind, and the confines of this wooden box I've been put in
No escape and no window for a view, but it's still home
I wasn't stuck like this five months ago
No waking up, just sleeping in
No worrying about my job or checking my bank to see if my paycheck's in
Don't have to shave or brush my teeth; I lost the ability to do that long ago

Now that I'm dead, I can breathe
I don't worry about the bullshit
I don't worry about these bodies next to me
Now that I'm dead, I can bleed
It's always a vacation, if I'm not mistaken
I'm so lonely, but it's okay 'cause you're all dead with me

I sometimes reminisce my days above the dirt
Watching all my friends' lives go by behind a screen, through these drying eyes
Is this what we have come to?
You're all gone, you'll notice soon
All I see is nothing, and I smell disgusting

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